'FAUCET VR' is a VR game based on the popular casual mobile game for healing 'FAUCE
Poopoo Cat
Poopoo Cat is a running action game with a heartwarming ending.Help poor white cat Poopoo who lost
Pimple POP
Jolly combat against tiny monsters is coming!Mutations of pimples threaten your peaceful life.Those
Dreamlike waterdrop game.When you feel boring, when you need comfort...Simple game.Just touch water
Cat Alone 2
‘CAT ALONE 2’ is a sequel to cat toy application ‘CAT ALONE’ with 6 unique
Cat Alone 1
Just leave your cat alone with your mobile or tablet device on and let your cat try to chase and ca
2048 Cube
The famous puzzle game of 2048.Just slide to join the same numbers and try to reach 2048 or higher.
Mine Sweeper MONO
The world simplest version of Mine Sweeper.Free game with standard rule of classic Mine Sweeper and
Punch Memory
Match & Punch!Match pairs on the board with the same pictures and punch it! Punching will reliev